Want to get dirty?  Want to make a difference?  We are rebuilding Fremont and need help with repairs.  If you want to help, please complete our volunteer information. 



Please keep all families affected by the flood in your prayers, as well as all volunteers who are working in one way or another.  Thank you.


Don't want to get dirty but still want to help?  As we start the repair and rebuild process, we will need financial support to purchase materials and tools, as well as replacing furnaces and water heaters. We can also use safety equipment and tools listed below.  

For financial donations:  Donate HERE - just check the Flood Relief Box. 

Items we need

N95 Respirators (Masks) - NEED MET - Thank you!!

Leather Gloves

Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves - NEED MET - Thank you!

Hard hats with adjusters

Hand sanitizer

Flat blade concrete shovels - NEED  MET - Thank you!

Heavy Duty Trash Bags – 3 ml

Utility Knives 

Razor blades

Power Sprayers 3 Gallon - NEED MET- Thank you!

Safety Goggles

Shock wave concentrate or Microban concentrate NEED MET - Thank you!

Cordless Sawzall & Sawzall blades

Crowbars & Hammers - NEED MET - Thank you!


Paper Towels - NEED MET - Thank you!

First Aid Kits

Saline Eye Wash

Items can be dropped off at 701 E. Dodge St. or contact info@fremonthabitat.org