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How To Protest Your Property Tax Valuation

Protest Your Property Valuation

We know that increased property taxes increase your mortgage payments, and many homeowners are being impacted with this. Increases in property taxes can occur with increased tax levies, or with an increase in home values.  With the super-hot home market, it is likely you are seeing an increase in your mortgage payments because the value of your home has increased. Why? Higher valuation of your property changes the amount of property taxes you owe, increasing your mortgage payment. However, you can do something about it. You can protest your valuation June 1–30.

(We are providing this information to educate and allow you to take the steps to protest if you choose to do so.  A protest could decrease, increase or have no impact on your property value. Please contact the Dodge County Assessor with any questions you may have).  

Once you click on this link, it will take you to a county website where you can pull up information about your home.  

Click on the button that says GO, then in the upper right corner type in your last name. You can also type in your address - just keep it minimal (like 400 3rd).  


Here is another place where property and tax information can be found. Search by name or address. 

PROTEST TIP:  Did you know you can submit photos of your home when protesting your valuation? Take plenty of photos of your old kitchen and the dated bathroom that needs remodeling. These photos could help prove the value of your home and lower your property taxes.

Protest your valuation:

Dodge County protests can be filed June 1–30.  They have to be dropped off at the County Clerk's Office (1st floor- Courthouse) on or before June 30th, 2024. It must be filed in person or by mail. (scans/faxes/emails are NOT accepted). 

You can pick up the Property Valuation Protests Form (FORM 422A) at the County Assessor's Office on the 2nd floor of the Courthouse.

In addition, you must complete the Cover Sheet for Protests and talk to the Assessor. This form is below.

You can also print the Property Valuation Protest Form (Form 422A) here (see below)

Submit your protest as soon as possible.

All protests must be filed with the Count Clerk by June 30th.   



Contact the Dodge County Assessor's Office at (402) 727-3911 or in person on the 2nd floor of the Courthouse. 


**Please remember that you may or may not have your value adjusted.  

Your protest must state the reason for the protest and include an adequate description to identify your property.  



Addtional Resources

Nebraska Real Property Valuation Protest Info Guide

Dodge County, Nebraska Assessor's website

6 Steps to Appeal Your Property Tax Bill

National Taxpayers Union Foundation Homeowner’s Checklist

Nebraska Homestead Exemption Website

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