Fremont Area Habitat for Humanity

Where is the Habitat office?  Our office is located at 701 E. Dodge St. (Just South of 1st St. and East of Clarkson St.) The phone number is 402-721-8771.

How does the process work?  Volunteers and partner families build simple, decent and affordable homes that are funded by tax-deductible donations of money and materials. Houses are sold – never given away – to partner families for the cost of construction at no profit to Habitat. Habitat provides no-interest loans to partner families. This makes mortgage payments affordable for low-income families.

How does the partnership with homeowner families work?   Partner families work “sweat equity” hours on building homes and other approved projects. Families with two adults must complete 350 hours of sweat equity, while families with one adult must complete 250 hours. Working sweat equity gives new homeowners new skills and pride of ownership. It also fosters relationships with other volunteers, Habitat families and community partners. Habitat also requires partner families to take classes on budgeting, home maintenance and life management skills. Family sponsors are assigned to each family to mentor them through the process of building and first-time home ownership.

How are families selected?   Families are selected once or twice a year through an application process. Family Selection Committee members review applications, interview families and make home visits to determine need and qualifications, and then recommend families to the Habitat Board of Directors for approval. Selection is based on the number of homes available, the level of need for improved housing, the ability to make a monthly mortgage payment and the willingness to partner.

Who makes decisions for Fremont Area Habitat for Humanity?   A volunteer Board of Directors makes policies for the affiliate in line with Habitat for Humanity International guidelines. The Board includes a wide range of people with many backgrounds and perspectives. In addition to the Board of Directors, much work is done by committees: Executive, Building, Family Selection, Family Support, Fundraising, and Public Relations.

What is Habitat’s funding source?  Individuals, businesses, civic organizations, churches and foundations all contribute to Fremont Area Habitat for Humanity. Donations are tax-deductible. A group of regular donors called Groundbreakers pledge to donate a specific dollar amount of their choosing to as many homes per year as they wish. These funds along with mortgage payments from current homeowners and revenue from our HomeStore provide the annual monies for building homes. In addition to cash contributions, many businesses provide materials and services at no or reduced costs which frees up cash funds to be used elsewhere.

Is Fremont Area Habitat for Humanity funded by the government?  Fremont Area Habitat for Humanity does not use any government funds to construct homes. In the past, the City of Fremont has provided Habitat with a number of building lots procured through government block grants. Habitat homes on these lots improve neighborhoods where there were previously uninhabited, dilapidated structures.

How can I volunteer to build?  During our construction season (April through October), individuals can sign up to build by calling our office at 402 721-8771 or completing  the  form under "Volunteer". Groups who are interested in volunteering should make arrangements in advance for volunteering on specific days or for specific tasks. We generally work Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays during the building season, weather permitting.

Can I volunteer even if I can’t build?  Yes. Habitat needs volunteers to work on many tasks, including working on special events, mentoring families, fundraising, preparing mailings, and providing coffees and lunches at the construction site. Information about current volunteer opportunities is available by calling the office at 402 721-8771 or completing the interest form under "Volunteer".

Who was the founder of Habitat for Humanity?   Millard Fuller (and his wife Linda)

What role does Jimmy Carter play?  Contrary to popular belief, Jimmy Carter is not the founder of Habitat. He has used his name to advance the work of Habitat, and to make it more well-known.

What are the three basic guidelines for homeownership?   Need for housing, Ability to repay the mortgage, and Willingness to partner

What is a HomeStore?   A HomeStore is a warehouse we started in 2012, located only in Fremont, that takes donations of new and used items from companies and individuals, and resells those items to the public. All proceeds benefit Fremont Area Habitat for Humanity.  Please call 402-298-5272 if you would like to arrange for us to pickup your donations.

How many houses has Fremont Area Habitat for Humanty funded so far?  71 

Does the HomeStore pick up items?   Yes, just call 402-298-5272 and one of our volunteers will call you back.

How are HomeStore prices set?   50-70% below retail prices.

Where do my HomeStore donations go, why don’t you put my couch in a Habitat house?   All donations go directly to the HomeStore to be sold to the general public. All funds raised by the HomeStore are given to the local affiliate. We cannot use most items donated directly in Habitat houses because we have to keep the process standardized.

How can I volunteer to build a house?   Contact the HFH office at 402-721-8771 or complete the interest form under "Volunteer").